How we save fifteen thousand in overtime using one simple app

Connect to your most valuable resources on demand

… your employees

With StaffingCall, users can contact all available off-duty staff to offer and fill shift vacancies in a moment’s notice

  • Send app notification, email, and SMS notifications at end-user’s discretion

  • Ability of users to set calendar availablilty for notifications of shifts

  • Determine length of time the notification remains active into the oncoming shift

  • Real-time analytics on user interactions with the system

  • Simple operation and ability to operate without integration into existing IT platforms

Rapidly acquire the specific skill-set you need 

With StaffingCall users can contact everyone suitable without individually calling long rosters of employees

Phone callout centers are inefficient.  We are now at a point where everyone IS technologically connected.  Isn’t it time to exploit this convenience to facilitate operations?


Critical Care Transport Nurse, RN

Enable off-duty staff fair and equal access to shift offers wherever they are.

Extra shift opportunities

  • reply to shift offers wherever you are
  • no need to worry about missing a phone call at home
  • silent notification capability in noise-sensitive settings
  • receiving all opportunities to work extra at your discretion creates equality for all off-duty staff
  • confirmations of shift bookings at the moment of approval
  • poll your casual workers as well prior to offering overtime

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