Immediate access to your staff as needed

StaffingCall enables you to fill vacant shifts with ease.

Get simple, instant access to your off duty staff with three customizable modes of notification.   Activate a StaffingCall  within 20 seconds and find the exact skill-set you need using your mobile device and our app, or at any computer with internet access.  Enable your staff to set up their own calendar availability for shifts they are already or available to pick up.

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  • free download from the app store so your staff can be up and running in moments
  • setup and activate as many staff that your business needs
  • allow staff access to extra shifts from anywhere
  • notify your staff for a shift you need filling from anywhere
  • all contact information is protected and secured
  • admin and super admin consoles to manage all of your staffing needs

“Even today without this software, if we needed extra staff to fill a shift, it would be an extremely lengthy process of calling through long rosters of off-duty staff to find the best available option.  Now we can find the replacements we need with just a couple of clicks”

”  A.B.  Charge Nurse

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Effortless shift filling

Economical results fast

Time saving

Login to the app, select the skill-set you need, select the shift you need, select the date you need and submit.  The same process applies for crews or teams.

Quite often, off-duty staff may be recruited at additional costs such as overtime, but using the app you can poll your regular-time paid staff members and select the most economical option for your organization.

Operate the StaffingCall within less than 30 seconds and select the most viable option you think you need for the shift.  No longer do you need to notify a call-center and wait while they call through lengthy rosters to find a replacement.