Here are some common questions about StaffingCall.
How is my price determined?
We offer StaffingCall in the Software as a Service (SaaS) format. Our pricing structure is tiered dependent on the number of users per organization using the system.  The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and is also accessible on the web at Staffingcallapp.com.   The application is activated once the subscription is activated for the business unit.
How do we begin using the software?
Once we have created a subscription agreement with your company, we will begin the process of setting up your business unit in the back office of the software.

We will need you to provide us with a list of users that you expect to be operating the system.  Once we have this list, we will contact these individuals with a notification email and instructions on where and how to access the application.

It is important that we have your team prepared and ready to access the application using the details that we will be providing them.

Once everyone is positioned to use the software with their unique login details, we will begin the process of educating your staff on the use of the software.  This will take no longer than 20 minutes at which point you will be fully operational.


Why doesn't the application work when I download it?
The software will only become active when we create your business unit and users in the back office.  At this point in time, the application will be fully operational.
Is there a maximum amount of users that can operate within the system?
There is no limit to the amount of users operating within the system at any given time.
Can you setup more than one business unit within the system?
We can build your subscription to accommodate as many business units that your organization needs.  There is no limit and our software has been designed to scale to meet your needs in any situation.
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at admin@staffingcall.com or call us on +1 780 686 2162
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